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About Us - Management Supervision
Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Master Janitorial Services. The key to assuring customer satisfaction is our Client Management and Supervision Program. The Program focuses management attention and company resources on assuring the highest level of work quality by assigning a supervisor to each of our clients.

The Client Management Program consists of the following elements after cleaners and supervisors are selected and assigned to each client's job:

Our most experienced managers and supervisors start up the program.
Experienced Master Janitorial service crew leaders are assigned to each client facility.
An experienced, attentive Supervisor is assigned to manage the day-to-day operation of our Program.
Regular walk-through visits through your premises are conducted by Master Janitorial Service management to assure that the Program is functioning to your satisfaction and to our standards.
Security Control is strict to assure that customer requirements are met.
In addition to the regular quality checks made by our supervisors, periodic follow up visits are made by Master Janitorial Service executive for Program evaluation and communication with your people.

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