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Cleaning School
Thanks for your interest in our cleaning business school. Our school provides direct on-site learning experiences, not just classroom learning. Our candidates can learn 4 different fields of cleaning services: janitorial services, carpet cleaning services, floor care services, and air duct cleaning services. I would like to share my cleaning business knowledge.

I have experience with losing my investments due to a lack of knowledge. If I had initially made a small investment of just $1,000, I would’ve saved $100,000. I would’ve also saved a lot of time. This type of work experience cannot be taught in the classroom.

One of the benefits of a cleaning business is that you do not need to invest a large amount of money at the beginning. Candidates can even start from home while they work a full-time job. If candidates have marketing knowledge, good work ethic and good personality, they can have a chance to build a successful cleaning company with a small initial investment. I want to provide a bridge in which you can walk over from the beginning to the end, so that you do not have to experience the same losses as I did. Learning about my setbacks will save you big money and time and provide you with visions of a million dollar company. Just spend $500 in tuition to start your own successful cleaning company.
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Please walk over the bridge I am providing to start your own company.
Please walk over the bridge I am providing to start your own company.

You can learn all these cleaning tips and more directly on the work site.
  • Diversified cleaning fields
  • Cleaning tips on work sites
  • Contracts
  • Equipment
  • Importance of purchasing good cleaning equipment to save money in the long-run
  • Forms
  • Which cleaning service to choose
  • Start and add different service techniques

You can learn the many different janitorial services available directly on the work site.
  • Office Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Strip & Wax tile floors
  • Air Duct Cleaning.

*Not a classroom or hotel experience
*Not taught by chemical distributors, salesmen or equipment manufacturers
*Private teaching by Kyu Chung who has 25 years of experience in cleaning fields

You even leave with a Business Plan and a Return on Investment chart to get you on the right track!
This is truly a learn-by-doing training. 
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