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The Master Janitorial Service`s highly trained, professional cleaning staff works from a detailed quality checklist to ensure each element of your tailored cleaning program is met consistently. Your building is assigned a dedicated building supervisor, who is responsible for ensuring you receive the highest-quality services. Your building supervisor is available 24-hours-a-day, and in case an emergency arises, can respond quickly to any need.

Every office trash bin, every workstation floor, and every conference room chair is cleaned and reviewed in line with our stringent quality standards. We're also on the lookout for maintenance issues. If we notice a light bulb that needs replacing or a leaky faucet in the restroom, our crews will let you know immediately.

Our green cleaning program can also help you create a healthy, comfortable environment for your staff and visitors. Studies have shown that improved air quality and environmentally friendly considerations can improve productivity and reduce sick days.

The Master Janitorial Service provides our clients the most reliable, highest-quality cleaning services at the most competitive pricing schedules in the industry. We work with you to create a janitorial program that meets your specific needs, and works within your budget.

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