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We are Beverly Bowling Lanes, and we have been using Master Janitorial service since June 1991. In over 20 years our service with Master Janitorial Service, they never miss and always on time. When we first met the owner, Kyu Chung, we knew his company was very professional and they would take care of our needs. Their commercial cleaning service is just great. They are very friendly and helpful when you call the office.  They take care of any issues promptly. The cleaning crews are prompt and on property at the right time. The service and quality of the cleans are top notch. By all means, if you are in need of a cleaning service, let Master Janitorial Service be your first and only call.

Mary Zikes

This is a letter of recommendation for Kyu Chung and Master Janitorial Service. Master Janitorial Service has provided cleaning and related services for our management buildings since 1996 for over 16 years now. Service has been excellent. Kyu’s communication with our company has been exceptional. We recommend him highly, both for his service and integrity.

Scott Fleming
Sterling Real Estates
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I have used Master Janitorial Service for a wide variety of services. They are always on time and handle all issues with professionalism and promptness. The cleans are always very thorough and my properties are not only left with a feeling of cleanliness but they smell fresh too. I would recommend Master Janitorial Service to anyone that wants to deal with a company that not only does a great job cleaning, but really cares about you and your business.
John Reese
Glad Stone Group

“I personally have had eight plus years of great experiences and excellent services from Master Janitorial Service. We have been exceptionally happy with the service Master Janitorial Service provides. Master Janitorial Service always seems to provide us with top quality employees as well as service. They seem to always go above and beyond the contract terms and exceed our expectations. When I have a company like Master Janitorial Service on board, it makes my life much easier. I receive no complaints from our people concerning custodial issues. I would recommend Master Janitorial Service Services to all who are concerned about having an exceptional company do the work.


Master Janitorial Service does a great job! They understand what it takes to keep our showroom and service area clean and to run a successful crew. They are very responsive to the needs of our tenants and make every effort to keep them happy. They have an impressive team of managers and supervisors that keep things running smoothly and make my job easier. I know I can count on Master Janitorial Service to do the job on time and do it well.”

Elmhurst Toyota
Kirt Shiley

I’ve been in the business for 20 years, and I’ve dealt with janitorial companies all across the county – national and local firms, “mom and pop” size companies – the whole gambit, and I would give Master Janitorial Service very, very high marks. They have been very responsive. Without hesitation – knowing my history with them – if they were not the lowest bid, I would still recommend staying with them.”

Shell Lube
John Lee

"The level of service we have received from Master Janitorial Service on a daily basis has been consistently excellent. We receive almost no complaints from our employees concerning janitorial service. This has made my job as facility manager much more productive in that I have not had to spend time on a lot of employee complaints. Every aspect of cleaning has been performed well and in a professional manner - vacuuming, trash removal, restroom cleaning etc. The fact that we have been working together for the last nine years indicates how pleased we are with their work. This is even more remarkable given the fact we have been and remain a very demanding customer.

Dura Clean
Will Gauge
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